Painting for Purpose is a fundraising campaign founded by artist Avianna McGhee that sells her original art to raise money for Elmhurst Hospital Center. Elmhurst Hospital was one of the first and hardest hit hospitals in New York City, and is often referred to as "the epicenter of the epicenter." Elmhurst Hospital Center serves a predominantly poor and medically under-served population that faces a range of cultural, linguistic, economic and legal-status barriers to care. The majority of their patients are uninsured or on Medicaid. While the cases of Covid-19 have gone down since then, the effects from the virus are far from over. Whether or not there will be future waves of Covid-19 that result in even further damage, there is still a need for financial assistance in Elmhurst Hospital to recover from the toll the corona virus has taken. No one truly knows how the future of Covid-19 will unfold. As we all do our best to prepare for what is to come, we must do our part in assisting our medical workers and hospitals. Elmhurst Hospital Center is in need of our support. You can contribute by purchasing artwork in which 100% of the proceeds go to the hospital, or simply donating to the cause. You can visit our website through your computer to learn more.